Jerry Cary is the President/CEO of Synergy 360. Jerry has been in the investment business for close to 20 years and began his interest in high school when an Wall Street trader spoke to him in economics class.

A big picture thinker and problem solver by nature the concept of Synergy 360 was an easy corollary to what he had seen in the investment business. There was very little “synergy” amongst investment professionals and there was no balance of ideas and hierarchy.

Jerry has a very pragmatic approach to consulting and investment advice. Having a degree in mathematics, he utilizes the same problem solving approach that scientists use to come to conclusions. Develop a thesis, Gather all relevant facts, test the facts, refine your thesis, come to reasonable conclusion and don’t assume.

Jerry had his own radio show where he took complicated investment strategy and explained it for the everyday person. He also is quoted in local print media and also online. Jerry has strong business acumen and applies this to all strategies utilized by Synergy 360. Jerry holds his series 6,7,63,66, and 24 securities registrations through LPL Financial. He holds the AAMS® (Accredited Asset Management Specialist) designation, CPFA® (Certified Plan Fiduciary Advisor) as well as CRPC® (Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor) He is also enrolled to take the CFP® Board Exam in 2017/18.


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