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What is a “Financial Advocacy Company”?

A financial advocacy company is a company that by design acts in a prudent manner in its relationship with clients. We use all of our resources in a manner to benefit clients.

How Do You Achieve Advocacy?

We have a proprietary process of decision-making that puts client’s interests first. It starts with removing all possible conflicts of interest, then we scientifically choose investment strategies. We implement a checks and balances system to ensure advocacy. Once you are engaged as a client we will share the full process with you.

Are you a stockbroker or an investment advisor?

We are both. All of our associates are dually registered with FINRA as investment representatives and investment advisor representatives. This arrangement allows us access to investments and services from both structures.

How Do You Choose My Investments?

Our process is very straightforward. We spend time in discovery where we gather all relevant information about you and your financial situation. This also includes gathering information about your tolerance for investment volatility and time horizons. The factors of our decision-making are simple: risk adjusted performance, cost, and investment clarity.

Do you invest in actively managed investments?

Yes, but sparingly. We believe that most investment managers find it very hard to “beat” the market. We do not have a goal to “beat” the market, but rather participate with the market and limit downside risk. This may be different than what you may be used to hearing. We make all of our recommendations based on current economic data and historical performance. We use active managers for investment areas that require a unique expertise. Most importantly, knowing what parts comprise your portfolio is important to us as advisors. Some investment products do not give an adequate list of holdings. We respect those companies’ decisions but we limit our exposure in those types of investments.